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  1. Steve, I saw your post on my email and have thought to drop you a note. Nice pics you are displaying there I might say. I hope you have had a moment to download my eBook: The Book of Mormon~ Colorfully Illustrated (a FREE eBook)
    It is a tremendous achievement and every time I look at my Smashwords dashboard, its been downloaded more and more every day. Now about 2000 downloads!
    Plus I hope you’ll take the opportunity to get a copy of my Action/Adventure eBook: The Creator’s Sentinel ©2015 by Utah Author Steve Nelson
    This eBook is not the typical retelling of the Creation, but an Action/Adventure story for todays reader, like nothing you’ve ever heard before! I suspect that something much like this story will really happen Very Soon!
    Good Day to ya Steve! Aint Steve’s Great! Steve’s Get Things DONE!

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