A Father’s Blessing — 3 Comments

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  2. I totally agree with your opinion of not needing any unique authority from God or this universe to utilize the blessing in our universe when asking for help. I have recently left the church and had to let my children and extended family know. Part of my letter addressed this very issue – I hop e the women take courage from this reality as they in my opinion possess enormous abilities to call upon the heavens for their children. Here is the part of my letter regarding this topic, “I believe due to my own experiences, observations and research, that the gifts of God, many of which are taught in the LDS church, exists among mankind regardless of gender, race, or age. The ability to access and utilize the laws that govern this universe is dependent on our individual and collective abilities to apply them after studying, researching and understanding such laws. There are also many examples of miraculous occurrences that appear to be the result of calling upon the heavens for assistance, sometimes referred to as “divine intervention”, as needed (prayer). Divine intervention appears to be based on, according to both scripture and my own experience, the faith of the person or collective persons involved. Like any other law of this universe, calling upon God for divine intervention is NOT restricted or magnified to any one religion,gender, race or age, but is an inherent ability and right given to all of God’s children without respect to persons.”

    I also demonstrated, stringing several Mormon doctines together, how we are all sealed and have always been. I wont include this analogy unless you want request it. Good Job as a father, I am certain your thoughts and a very loving intensity resulted in a better procedure for your son. I hope he recovers quickly.

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